Due to the nature of our products CQ Concepts does not accept returns on any items.

All orders under 150 pounds will be shipped via UPS Ground service unless other option is selected.  For orders where express shipping methods are selected and the product cannot be shipped in that manner, UPS Ground service will be substituted (i.e. hazardous items cannot be shipped via UPS express service). Hazardous items will incur a $44 UPS Hazardous Materials Surcharge for orders that exceed ORMD status.  Items that can be shipped under ORMD status will not incur this charge unless the ORMD quantity is exceeded.

Federal Specification TT-I-735 and A and B
ASTM Specification D 770
This product has a listing under National Sanitation Foundation Standard 61

Shelf life varies from product to product. Different environments where chemicals are stored, effects the shelf life as well. A good rule of thumb is 2 years after container is opened. Call if more detailed information is required.

Viscosity, 100 °F, ASTM D-445, SUS            65.0~75.0
Viscosity, 40 °C, ASTM D-445, cst                10.8~13.6

Viscosity, 100 °F, ASTM D-445, SUS            370~410

Viscosity, 100 °F, ASTM D-445, SUS            36~40
Viscosity, 40 °C, ASTM D-445, cst                3.0~4.0

Mineral Oil is a white oil – a liquid petroleum derivative
Mineral Seal Oil is a solvent – a petroleum hydrocarbon distillat

Viscosity of 96% Material at 40°C is 142 cst

CQ uses DARCO 12×40 mesh Activated Carbon.

CQ uses FFFF grade pumice with these dimensions:
325 mesh – PAN
.0017 inches
44 microns

100 gram samples are split and screened dry, on Rotap Shaker for 10 minutes, with sleeves meeting ASTM E11-61T. Procedure similar to ASTM D392, method A.